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Download Zoom for Hero’s Journey Foundation guidelines.

Zoom for Hero’s Journey Foundation

Getting started:

You can use Zoom from a browser, or from the software application you can download to your computer. (you can also use an app on your phone!)


Click here to use Zoom from a browser:

You can download Zoom to your computer from this link:

Here’s what Zoom looks like when you’ve downloaded it and logged in:


Scheduling A Meeting

Scheduling your meeting is fairly simple. Simply click on the scheduling icon, and the details page of the meeting comes up. Change the default details like “Meeting Topic”, and “Start Time”. Click the blue button called “Schedule” at the bottom of the scheduling window when you have completed all your details. This will finalize your meeting, and place it in the meetings calendar.


Important note: When using Zoom software, the application “pops up” another box when you click the schedule icon (as shown below). If you have many windows open on your computer, this scheduling window may disappear underneath another open window that you are working on! You may be looking at the Zoom software but “lose” the meeting schedule box underneath another open program.


If you would like more in depth details about meeting details, you can check out this helpful video:

Here’s the official Zoom Guide to Scheduling Meetings:


Once you have scheduled the meeting, a new “pop up window” will appear (see below) confirming that your meeting is scheduled … this window contains all the meeting details, which you can cut and paste and use in your own invitation to your participants.

(You can also schedule a meeting by logging into a browser here:


(A suggested template is included at the end of this document.) 

To start the meeting, simply click on the “Meetings” button in the Zoom Software (it’s next to “Home” at the bottom of the software screen – see below) and click on the meeting you want to begin. Click on the word that says “Start” .

(You can also start a meeting from a browser by logging into this page: )


When you start the meeting you might have to select the Audio source that you will be using. You can use the computer’s audio (this is recommended, it’s just easier. Or you can dial in via phone if needed.)

This audio selection box is another “pop up window” that might accidentally get lost behind the main window. (See Below) If you are experiencing audio difficulties, the first thing to do is to look for this “pop up window” behind your main Zoom screen. 

If you would like more in-depth information about the kinds of different functions you have as the host of a Zoom meeting, you can click here:


Some examples of things that might be useful to you include-

  • how to mute participants
  • how to use the “entry chime” to chime when people enter or exit your meeting 

The most complete Zoom support information can be found here:


Some helpful general information 

Zoom cannot host concurrent meetings. Only one meeting at a time can be hosted. So…When you have your planned meeting date and time for your council or group, schedule it as soon as you can, and if Zoom is already booked for a meeting at the time, you can contact that person directly.

Zoom has many international numbers for a participant to dial in via phone. These phone numbers can be found at this list :

HJ Meeting Invitation Template:

(Of course you can use any kind of wording in your email invitation you would like. This template offers the basic connection information, and a brief overview of Zoom tips, like using headphones when you meet, and the basic internet speeds that will make Zoom function better)


Ally Group Council Invitation


This is a reminder that (YOUR NAME) Ally Group council is scheduled for (YOUR DATE)

The meeting will be held on Zoom software… here’s the information about the meeting:


Join from PC, Mac, Linux, iOS or Android: (YOUR MEETING ID LINK, eg )


Or iPhone one-tap: 16465588656,484990530# or 14086380968,484990530#

Or if you don’t have internet access, you can dial into the council by telephone:

Dial: +1 646 558 8656 (US Toll) or +1 408 638 0968 (US Toll) or find your local number from an international setting here:

Meeting ID: (YOUR MEETING ID eg- 484 990 530 )


Here are some helpful tips in getting started with the Ally Group Councils on Zoom

1) Using a headset on your computer helps to reduce background noise for all participants. Simple headsets that have ear buds and a microphone are useful – plug the headset in BEFORE launching Zoom software to make sure that Zoom recognizes the correct input as it starts up.
2) Make sure that you have other programs that might use your camera (like Skype or Facetime) closed down.
3) Minimize other programs running in the background if possible. Doing so allows your computer to divert primary resources to Zoom and will allow Zoom to run smoothly!
4) Make sure your have access to a reliable internet connection. You can perform a bandwidth test at Zoom recommends at least 1.5 Mbps upload and download speed to be able to use gallery view

If you have any questions about Zoom, please ask Anna Noack at [email protected]. Questions about the council itself can be directed to me at (INSERT EMAIL ADDRESS HERE)

Best Regards,