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Insight Timer Framework

Insight Timer


The more 4.5* content we have, the better.  There is a multiplier effect to having more fans and more meditations.  It gets people “in the door”. When we first started we would get about 5 listens per day.  We now get about 25-30.

I think people respond well to meditations in the 10-20 minute range.  However, that should not prevent us from offering 1-minute readings, 69-minute talks, or anything in between.  If it’s good content, we should put it up.

Creating great content

Step 1: The goal is to have meditations that make sense to someone without any context.  This means that we often have to delete: personal references, interruptions, content that specifically references elements of our programs.  First step is therefore to listen for context and continuity and edit out any elements that make no sense. Michael can also send you a brief audio file to transition any required sections that are abrupt.

Step 2: Think about and mark a clean ending point.  Especially if you’ve had to edit out the natural ending, think about where would be a good place to end.  Michael might need to re-record this bit. Again an audio file from an iPhone is fine for this purpose.

Step 3: The goal is to have content that is high quality.  This means we need to eliminate: stutters, repeating, throat clearing, background noise, etc.  Make note of these in a document and provide the document to the audio engineer.

Step 4: We should have great music.  Sources for royalty-free licenses include,,,, and more.  If you hear something you like on Spotify, why not reach out to the artist and ask for use? I think slow piano as well as soundscapes and spa music work well.

I have often had the audio engineer slow down music by 20% or more, only use certain parts of the music and loop it, and so on.  It’s a bit of a “feel”.

Step 5: Now that you know how you want the content to sound and have it in a file, send the music as well as the editing instructions to the audio engineer.  I really like “mixinghacks” who is found here  He also has the “end of meditation” bell that I sent from my house.  However, any closing bell will work (and is strongly recommended as meditators like it a lot).

Step 6: When you receive the file back from audio engineer, listen for:
1) Is music balanced – too loud/soft, and is it the appropriate speed.

2) Continuity; does the newly edited meditation work and flow?  You most likely need to work on the “blank spaces” – some pauses need to be much longer, some much shorter.

3) Consolidate the feedback and work with audio engineer to perfect over 1-2 rounds of feedback.

Posting on Insight Timer

This step is very easy and obvious.  You can use one of the templates that we’ve already setup (pick a meditation that is similar).  If you need help writing up the description or any other elements of the meditation I am happy to help. Catchy names are helpful.

Responding to comments

(within 1-2 days of a meditation publishing, and then on an ongoing basis every 1-2 weeks)

Respond to all comments!  You can access these by going to and selecting Audio, then Stream.

I feel comfortable using phrases like namaste if they use them first.

Keep it varied, natural, short, positive.

Invite them to like our page.

Take all feedback, do not get defensive, honor all comments including valid complaints.

Make note of any feedback that we can use to improve our meditations.



Suggest that each person pick 10 individuals who are close to the community and email them with a request to:

1)    Download insight timer if they haven’t already

2)    Follow the Hero’s Journey page

3)    Give 5* ratings to our meditations:

AND, ask them to share these links to 3 friends who might be interested, OR preferably via Facebook, or both.

I would ask in a broader email for people to Follow us, and give us 5* ratings on the three meditations.