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2016 -Ongoing

2016 Prospective Participants List. 

FALL 2015 Notes:

2015 Fall Reminder Letter

2015 Follow Up Letter

Note for those paying via check

Michael let me know you’d paid via check… 

When you have a moment, could you please fill in the form on this enrollment page..

This will opt you in for the mailing list, and let us know current dietary and accommodation needs for the Spring! 

Thanks so much!


-Invitation sent, January. (to all on PP list above)

-The Enrollment page on the HJF website is here:

– To activate the “Zap” workflow, all apprentices must fill out the enrollment information on the page above.

-The “Zap” places their name and email address on the Apprentice 2015 list in Mail chimp, and a Workflow Automation within mailchimp automatically sends out the letter below.